Annie has been “officially” practicing yoga since 2001. However, even as a young child at the age of 10, she found relief from muscular pains caused from an injury that lead her to a body cast for several months, by doing many stretches which later in life she learned to be yoga poses she practices today. Yoga is her passion. She completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2009 at Yoga Source. As a rehabilitated patient herself, having to relearn how to walk, twice in her life, she has experienced the therapeutic benefits of yoga. She was searching for a complete system that would merge the traditional essence of yoga, sport’s medicine, and stress reduction which is how her practice has bloomed. She strives to be an inspirational and creative leader who guides students toward awareness and control of their own bodies and minds. As a yoga teacher, her goal is to enable others to experience a release through mindfulness, stretch and strength. Annie has been inspired through yoga to work with awareness of the physical body and mind to help alleviate pain and resistance, mentally and physically. She wants to share with others what she has learned through her yoga practice.



Stacy's yoga journey began in 2003 and she became a yoga teacher in 2009 in North Carolina. 

In 2013, Stacy was the first African-American in the city of Charlotte to launch a Yoga Alliance 200 hour registered yoga school. The school has graduated four classes of amazing yoga teachers. For nearly three years Stacy supported Dr. Rose LeDay and her team of therapists at Transcend ed by teaching yoga to their clients recovering from disordered eating. During that time she successfully completed her advanced yoga studies training with Shari Goldstein to become a RYT500. Also in 2015, Stacy trained in Philadelphia with Dr. Melody Moore of Embody Love Movement, a female empowerment non-profit for adolescents and adults, becoming a certified Embody Love Movement facilitator. She plans to develop a curriculum and launch a 300 hour registered yoga school that utilizes the talents and passion of graduates from her 200 hour school.



Tiffany's classes are vinyasa based, taking inspiration from an array of yogic styles she has studied. She loves variety and offers a diverse practice that is geared towards the energy of the class. Look to have fun, and be challenged!

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Alyona has been teaching since 2003 and has never lost her love for her practice, her students and her teachers. She is aspiring to practice playfulness, gratitude and loving kindness on and off the mat.



Nicole first began practicing yoga to ease her joint discomfort during pregnancy. By exploring the many facets of yoga, she discovered that she found not only physical relief, but emotional, mental, and spiritual peace as well. In 2014, Nicole decided to journey further into yoga and completed her RYT-200. She guides her students through their practice in order to help them cultivate a greater perspective in life, on and off the mat. Her classes will offer a challenge as well as a retreat from the stresses of everyday life. Throughout the ebb and flow of our lives and throughout our practice, we can return to our true selves for a constant steadiness.



Lizzie is passionate about the power of peaceful hearts in creating a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world.  Her classes emphasize mindful movement, deep breath and body awareness, skillful alignment, self-healing, and sacred rest.  She also loves to incorporate qi gong into her yoga classes.  Lizzie has completed two teacher trainings at the 200-hour level.  She is always exploring and deepening her practice and she loves to share these life-giving tools with her friends and students.  For more information about the trainings Lizzie has completed and the philosophy behind her practice and teaching, please visit



Kate Bee has been practicing yoga for 18 years and teaching for 4.  After experiencing many studios and many styles she completing her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in the Dynamic Yoga Method at Jane's House of Wellbeing and will be completing her 500hr Yoga Teacher Training with Circle Yoga Shala in Jasper, Akansas in the fall of 2017. The Dynamic Yoga Method is a unique approach to Yoga that has deep roots in the physical, mental and spiritual  aspects of this tradition and focuses on self inquiry.  It is based on the nature, needs, capabilities and intelligence of ones individual body. Cultivating sensitivity to the sensations in your body; moment, by moment, breath by breath, action by action  allows one  to experience a deep, lucid intimacy with the nature of your true self. This is the goal of the Dynamic Yoga Method and it is taught with attention to all levels of experiencce, from beginnger to advanced. 



Erin Vehige was first introduced to yoga through her mom’s VHS tapes almost 20 years ago. She practiced yoga off and on in her teenage years and through college, but once she moved to Saint Louis found yoga more accessible than ever. After a great class by a local teacher, Erin knew it was the mind/body connection that she craved. After years of injuring herself in traditional sports and trying to make her body conform to today’s conventional beauty standards, she cancelled her gym membership and found a yoga studio. In 2014 Erin completed her 200 YTT training and has been teaching ever since. It is her goal to create an environment that is welcoming and will ease people into a better mind/body connection through movements and stories that resonate with their everyday lives. Her classes are vinyasa based with options and modifications along the way. She will challenge you to move to your edge with the grace and kindness your body deserves.



Dev Shabad Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher who has completed her 200HR Level 1 and is currently pursuing her Level 2, already having completed two of the five 60HR modules. She spent 13 months living, learning, and teaching at Sat Tirath Ashram and this immersion lifestyle has uniquely shaped her practice and teaching style.  She is currently in Tantric Numerology Training under Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa of Golden Bridge Yoga and 3HO, and incorporates these trainings and counseling techniques in her classes as they relate to the 10 Light Bodies of Consciousness. 


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Kelli experienced her first yoga class in 1998 and it was love at first sight. Always an active person, it was the asana that drew her in initially. Soon after, she began to realize yoga had so much more to offer; on and off the mat. Kelli says, "My practice keeps me grounded during times of uncertainty, keeps me humble during times of growth, and provides refuge when I need security.



Maggie has been always been interested in the mind-body connection.  After finding healing and strength through yoga and meditation, she sought to explore this connection professionally in nursing and teaching yoga.  After working in oncology, she realized the great potential for yoga to help people touched by cancer, but also acknowledged that the population has certain needs and considerations that may not be addressed in a typical yoga class.  Maggie studied formally and is certified to teach through Yoga 4 Cancer.  She is very excited to both share with and learn from students.  



Gali's yoga journey began in 2005. She was immediately fascinated with how the practice made her feel so present and grounded, and she has immersed herself in the physical practice and philosophy ever since. Gali completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with master teacher Cori Martinez in 2014 in Hilo, Hawaii. She is also currently studying bodywork and trigger point therapy through the Thai Bodywork School in Evanston, IL. Her teaching style is mindful, inquisitive, and grounding. Her classes are a combination of skillful movement, therapeutic stretching, and mindful meditation. She has a holistic perspective on healing and is passionate about offering her students a blend of practices and styles.



Emily has practiced yoga for the past 14 years. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with the Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja, Mexico. She has also studied and trained with various teachers in Seattle and St. Louis.Emily practices and teaches Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Throughout her classes, she is committed to teaching proper alignment and finding a pace to the practice that is both challenging and nurturing to the body. Emily is passionate about sharing her respect and love for yoga, and assisting her students in developing a practice that is enjoyable and rewarding.

Off the yoga mat, Emily enjoys hiking, crafting, baking vegan treats, reading, and spending time with friends and family



Kate became a  Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance after completing her 200 hour training through Yoga Buzz in St. Louis in June of 2016. She has also completed Street Yoga’s Trauma-Informed Training (April 2016) and Elephant Power’s 95-hour Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Training. 

Kate enjoys teaching restorative yoga with an emphasis on mindfulness, kids yoga and mindfulness, and giving back to the community through donation-based practices.  

When not in the yoga studio, Kate works in marketing for a local CPA firm. 

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Jess earned her 200 hour yoga certification from Washington, D.C.'s seven year top-rated yoga studio, Yoga District (known for their emphasis in Trauma Informed Yoga). She loves Dharma yoga for its meditative yet playful nature, but also can't resist a super sweaty power-inspired vinyasa flow. Jess' classes are warm and loving, with an emphasis on self-care. They may also include elements of Dharma yoga, power yoga, and a bit of Yoga Nidra to help you relax into savasana.

Hoping to help those suffering from mental illness or the effects of trauma, Jess considered going back to school to become a therapist. But through her own yoga practice, she found that trauma-sensitive yoga is an incredible complementary therapy that helps people learn about themselves and reconnect with their bodies as they heal. 

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Kate is a yoga geek at heart. She trained in the foothills of the Colorado mountains,  weaving storytelling, metaphor and meditation with restorative yoga, pranic breathing, vinyasa flow, and a touch of magic to create her offerings. Her passion for the nuance of a pose and stepping onto the mat with a beginner's mind allows her to adapt each sequence to the needs of the individual.

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Erin started practicing yoga about seven years ago. As a runner she was told that yoga would be a great benefit to her training. After months of struggling through poses, She was hooked. She found herself practicing yoga 4-6 times a week. Erin discovered it worked for any aliment she came across: pain, tightness, stress, fatigue, etc. Erin was certified in 2011 and she teaches a yoga flow style. She believes yoga isn’t just a great physical practice but also a great practice of my mind, spirit, and soul. She sees her body change and her strength grow every day. After seven years, she still gets many “aha” moments in her own practice and really enjoys seeing students grow in their own practice.  Erin hopes that she will be an inspiration to her students as her teachers have been to her.

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Natalie Huggins is a well-versed musician in the St. Louis Area who found her musicianship and performance improved after regularly practicing yoga. Already a veteran at teaching music, she enlisted at Urban Breath's 200-Hour Foundational Yoga Teacher Training program in 2016 so she could share these practices with her students and peers. Through this program she focused on a project development plan for Yoga for Musicians and Singers that includes breathing techniques to reduce anxiety, meditations to increase focus, and poses to release tensions and strengthen muscles providing a holisitc approach to musicianship. 
You can expect classes with Natalie to be mindful and gentle with the heart at the center of each practice. She teaches from the Hatha style of yoga combining vinyasa and yin elements in each class. You can expect classes to use the voice in order to create space and carefully selected music to go along with the practice. 



It is Robin's passion and privilege to bring personal growth and play to her students through movement education, and to teach them how to live in a joyful relationship with their bodies. Robin is a Somatic Educator and Body Coach, Nia Black Belt, TRE Practitioner, MELT Instructor Level 2, and Personal Trainer ACE

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Melissa Allen went a decade after dancing competitively before finding Nia as an outlet to express her passion for dance.  Much to her surprise, she harnessed more out of Nia than just dance. She found balance physically and mentally, creative expression, and most of all, brought joy into dancing.   Nia is a holistic approach using the martial arts, dance arts, and yoga arts. Melissa works full time as an engineer and is a mother of two little ones. Through the martial arts aspect of Nia, she's learned to overcome high conflict people and situations. Through the dance arts, she's learned to find joy and self expression through movement.  Through the yoga arts, she learned to breath and coming back to he present moment. Melissa is drawn to the funky beats of world music and enjoys integrating a variety of diverse cultural dances. Using imagery and free will, you are allowed to feel free and get funky your own way. 

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Michaela began teaching gymnastics and ballet 20 years ago in Rosenheim, Germany. Then taught Pilates in fitness clubs and schools. Ten years ago, she opened a Pilate's studio in her hometown in Germany. Michaela moved to the USA 6 years ago and found her passion and love of yoga, which led her to attend yoga teacher training at Prana Yoga, St. Louis in 2014 and finished in July, 2015.

Michaela teaches mixed vinyasa, a more traditional yoga class that moves through a series of specific postures in a prescribed order, an energetic class to create heat.



Drawn to yoga due to its limitless opportunities to learn about oneself and others, and its direct link to increased well-being, Linda has been teaching yoga since 2009. Linda holds advanced certificates from Duke University Integrative Medicine in Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors and Yoga of Awareness for Cancer and Advanced Teacher Training in Khrisnamacharya Lineage.

Since 2014, Dr. Sandell has made six trips to India where she completed an 800 hour course in yoga therapy at India’s first school accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapy. She enjoys the challenge of creating yoga for everyone, removing obstacles and using personalized yoga therapy as medicine. In addition, Linda is a scientist and Founding Director of the Musculoskeletal Research Center at Washington University.



Laura is an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach, Reiki Master, and a 500 hour Yoga Practitioner. Her passion is to blend in-depth knowledge of these topics to create a new perspective and deeper understanding while providing action steps that align with your life. She loves to spark curiosity, instill confidence, and create a safe space for you to gain more clarity through empowering experiences. She takes a holistic approach by looking at all four systems - Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual - to inspire and nurture your inner spirit. Laura leads workshops, private sessions, and Reiki trainings. 

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After first discovering Yoga about 16 years ago, Sally began taking Yoga classes at the first non-profit Yoga Center in the St. Louis area, Solar Yoga. This became a way of life that she found to truly fulfill the physical body, mind, and spirit. Inspired to become a Yoga instructor, she experienced a truly moving transformation while earning her certification in 2015 through West-East Yoga. During this evolution a rediscovered love for music and dance was manifested, that not only altered her physical appearance, but her emotional and mental state of well being. Sally B. Simpson is currently a Yoga Instructor teaching Restorative/Gentle and Hatha Yoga



Yoga has held a very special place in Colleen’s heart ever since she experienced her first sun salutation sophomore year in college.  She studied ballet for eleven years and was intrigued by the mixture of flexibility, grace, strength and stillness within yoga.  After graduating from Northwestern University, Colleen studied yoga sporadically while diving into the world of endurance running. She has run several marathons and in 2011, Colleen ran from St. Louis to New York City to raise funds and awareness for cystic fibrosis. Colleen’s love for yoga blossomed in 2013 when she started taking classes more regularly. In January 2014, Colleen completed a 30-day class challenge, where she noticed a significant difference in her day-to-day happiness. Suddenly, she was able to use yoga, pranayama and meditation to lower her stress, maintain perspective and instill a true sense of peace and balance in her life.  This transformation was so powerful that it inspired her to become a yoga teacher. In addition to being a certified Yoga Alliance Instructor, Colleen is a certified Primary Group Exercise Instructor (Athletics and Fitness Association of America), Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine), Zumba® Instructor and Ballroom Dance Instructor.  Colleen is so happy to share the joy and clarity that yoga has brought to her life with others.