Blue Sky Yoga Class Descriptions

We offer well rounded classes at all levels, and are here to help our students grow-physically, mentally and spiritually.
Our teachers are all certified and have a deep love of teaching and the practice. 

SUN 8a–5p | MON 9a–9p | TUE 6a–9p | WED 9a–9p | THUR 6a–9p | FRI 9a–9p | SAT 8:30a–2p

Drop in $15  ::  5 class card $60  ::  10 class card $110  ::  15 class card $150
Family Yoga $7 (or a class card)  ::  Moon Meditations are donation based  :: New Student Special 30 days for $30




is a gentle, calming, therapeutic class that restores the nervous system and releases tensions from the body. Some postures are restorative, which use props such as blankets, blocks, bolsters, and straps. Some postures are more traditional yin/deep stretch, while also gentle, calming and therapeutic, releases tension through the body in long holds as well, but without props, so the connective tissue is more targeted, often resulting in a deep release of stress.



Offered at a slower pace, our Basics class focuses on the principles of alignment and the significance of the breath. This is a class for those with little to no yoga experience or those who would like to take things a little slower, hold poses longer and dive into alignment details a little deeper.



For those with some exposure to yoga, including an introduction to basic yoga poses and proper alignment. We will begin to practice some of the components of more expanded postures. Postures will be held a little longer with time to bring awareness to the alignment of your body while in the pose



Students are familiar with a wide variety of yoga postures, and have begun to explore more advanced variations. Knowledge of postures coupled with breath work brings in an element of excitement and challenge through new sequences and variations.



These classes are suitable for anyone with a basic knowledge of the poses and a desire to be challenged. We will move from simple to advanced postures with lots of modifications offered along the way to fit your level of expertise and enjoyment.



All Levels Flow invites you to connect life-affirming themes with the movements of the body, within a precise alignment-based postural system. This yoga is not only rewarding to the body, it also nourishes the soul with its uplifting themes, which are carefully crafted into each sequence to further endorse the union between a healthy postured body and nurturing our inner selves. These classes are suitable for those new to yoga, recovering from an injury, or interested in the finer harmonic details found in alignment. The posture sequences allow space for students to align, strengthen, and thrive on and off the mat.


In this class we will flow through yoga poses and sequences that build strength, flexibility and balance. There will be opportunity to try or practice more challenging asanas, but there will also be modifications offered making this class appropriate for diverse levels of yoga experience. While part of this class may be heat building, we will also create space for relaxation of the mind and restoration of energy.



Basic poses at a faster pace. Basics and Beyond focuses on the basic yoga postures and principles of alignment. This is a class for those with little to no yoga experience, or anyone wanting to get back to basics in their practice. Modifications will be offered throughout class.


In this class, we will move with intention, slow down and deepen the poses to reveal the hidden gems of awareness, healing and empowerment stored within. Between alignment principles and a heart-based philosophy grounded in your everyday world, you'll be surprised to discover what you're capable of. Yoga Therapy Balls will be provided for this class.


Build some heat and then wind down from your busy week with this powerful yet meditative flow! Taking inspiration from legendary yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra, this practice will include his version of sun salutations, flowing postures designed to increase flexibility and strength, and some slower paced, meditative poses, with yoga nidra (guided meditation) offered during savasanna. You will enter the weekend rejuvenated and refreshed! This class is appropriate for beginner and intermediate students.