Spiral & Sweat: Meet BUTI Yoga Instructor Malissa McLaurin!

What is Buti Yoga? I’m sure you’ve seen it show up on our class schedule at least once a month, and maybe you’re curious, but also don’t know what you’ll get yourself into. So what better way learn how great Buti is and get to know your incredibly charismatic instructor than an interview with her. Here’s Malissa McLaurin!

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  • How did you begin practicing and teaching Buti yoga?

    I began Buti in fall 2014 after a friend posted on Facebook about trying this ‘new yoga class’. It was a time and place in my life I was looking for something to inspire me. I fell in love with the practice and decided to get certified a year and a half later.

  • How has Buti been transformational in your life?

    Buti found me when I was in a transitional point in my life. I was working on connecting physically and mentally. I had recently come off a mental breakdown and was looking for something to connect myself with myself again (actually connect myself for the first time ever, if I’m being honest). After attending my first class, I cried. Buti fuses traditional asana with dynamic movement. There was something about moving through sequences in addition to a great music-driven playlist that for the first time I felt free. I felt my body love itself for the first time. It was glorious.

  • What’s your favorite part about teaching Buti?

    Watching students find themselves. Having fun. Laughing, smiling, taking shirts off and sweating in little clothing. Not caring what size their bodies are and smiling though the sweat.

  • What do you do to prepare for class?

    Take a nap, HA! 

  • Do you have a favorite pose or movement?

    I love the movement of Buti but I am a fan of binds and folds. I love getting juicy and swuishy with my insides. 

  • What’s your favorite type of music to play while practicing? Do you have a playlist you’d like to share?

    Buti uses tribal beats, EDM, hip hop, and rap. Depending on your instructor you may find a class leaving more toward one genre over another. Personally, I love soulful music and deep house beats. Spotify is a GREAT music resource. Many other Buti instructors all over the country use it and upload playlists, so there’s so much opportunity to share and learn. Here’s a playlist I love because of the musical diversity.

  • What would you like people to know about Buti yoga? How would you describe it to someone? What do people gain from the practice?

    Buti Yoga fuses tribal, dance, kundalini, power Vinyasa and cardio to create a whole body experience. Mixed with a spiral structure technique, it’s where your body meets your soul. I want people to know that yoga is for EVERYBODY as is Buti. Movement is a gift, and it doesn’t matter what body you’re in; movement is medicine. Start where you are and go from there. Through the practice of Buti I have seen students shed notions about themselves and their bodies. They begin to love their bodies at each and every size. Through this practice, we offer acceptance and no judgement. We’re all in this together.

  • Does your personal practice differ from how you teach?

    Somewhat. Because Buti is such a yang practice I’m trying to incorporate a more yin approach to my personal practice. Stillness, sitting into asana and breathing, or not moving at all and meditating. 

  • Recommended reading (yoga and/or non-yoga)

  • How would you describe yourself? What do you want people to know about you?

    I’m a silly, hilarious, big-hearted, and loving person who just wants to create space for others to be and love themselves. I have lived a colorful life and had many experiences and am still here and exist in the world living a beautiful life. 

  • Outside of yoga what is your passion/Where can you be found?

    You can find me relaxing on my couch, playing in my garden, drinking wine on a patio, traveling for live music, and loving on my fiancé, family, and friends. Oh! And entertaining. I love being the hostess! 

  • Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

    I took Chinese in college and performed a skit in Mandarin for a Chinese New Year Party.

  • Anything else?

    Whatever it is that you find, I hope it moves you and makes you smile. 

Join Malissa in the studio!