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Fall Equinox Clearing & Renewal

Transformative Breathwork, Guided Journaling & Gong for the Fall Equinox
Sunday, September 22

Join Shenee Alexa and Dev Shabad Kaur, as we transition seasons and shift into a time of release. We can choose what we are ready to let go of, consciously, and take intentional steps to let go of that which doesn't serve us. Dev and Shenee are both impassioned and committed to helping others become aware of their patterns and release limiting beliefs. This experience will use mindful movement, guided journaling, transformative breathwork, intentional thoughts and a powerfully clearing gong bath to help move through old patterns, programs and emotional baggage.

Transformative Breathwork is a powerful pranayama practice that uses a consciously connected breathing pattern to clear stagnant energy and promote an energetic rebirthing. The entire body will benefit from oxygenation, allowing you to return to your natural state of self healing and harmony.

The combination of Breathwork and Gong is extremely powerful. The Gong's vibrations wash over you and can be felt throughout the Body shaking up physical and energetic blockages. The alternating intensities of the gong reset the Nervous System allowing it to return to a state of balance.

Please bring your journal and water bottle.

Cost: $40
Bring a Friend 2/$70

Max 20 People

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