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Chakra Flow

Chakra’s are the energy centers that dwell in your subtle body, your prana...your life force. In Yoga, it is believed that the chakras encompass your physical body and are a blend of your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. You can’t see or touch the chakras, but they are where your energy flows. Each chakra helps to regulate various bodily systems such as the skeletal system and autonomic nervous system as well as help to balance your emotional well-being and mental clarity. When our chakras become clogged, or closed, they can lead to imbalances that can cause physical illness, mental exhaustion, and emotional misunderstandings. Through the practice of yoga, breath work, and meditation you can check in with your chakras helping to keep them open and balanced, allowing for your life force or Prana to once again flow freely. With the continual practice of chakra yoga, you may find yourself feeling calmer, more peaceful, and leading a less stressful life. You may find yourself feeling happier and grounded, balanced and centered.

In this pop-up, we will practice yoga poses that address each chakra, as well as learn about the element and emotion attached to them. By learning about your own chakras and checking in with yourself through your practice, you may find yourself over time feeling more open to what others have to say, and holding a sense of calm and inner peace that radiate through your physical body into your higher consciousness.

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