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Awaken Rest: Restorative Yoga w/Reiki

In our culture, we tend to place value on how much we accomplish and the results we produce. Rest is something we earn only after we have checked everything off on our to-do-list. Awaken Rest is an invitation to make self care a priority. It is OK to slow down, to pause and regroup so the body can relax and restore. We can choose to disconnect from all the constant inputs and tune into what is happening physically, emotionally and spiritually from the inside out.

Restorative yoga offers the practice of being present during deep rest. This guided relaxation uses the support of bolsters and blankets to create comfortable postures for the physical body while placing attention on the breath to quiet the mind. Reiki is a vibration of healing energy that promotes stress reduction, relaxation, and assists with the natural healing processes of the body. Reiki is provided with a gentle touch to the body or by hovering over the body to help restore physical and emotional well-being.

Join teacher Bryna Parker to explore rest as a powerful tool to combat stress and promote resiliency.

Cost: Class Card or $15 drop in