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Sonic Massage Workshop

Join Mo Costello and Dev Shabad Kaur for this truly unique sound experience. This technique takes sound bath to a whole new level!

Experience the vibrations of sound healing and beautiful Himalayan handmade singing bowls directly on the body.

Mo and Dev will be treating each person in attendance to a mini sound massage during the 90 minute Gong Bath or Crystal Bowl Soundbath. The receiver will experience the soothing and angelic sounds of the bowls as Mo enters each person’s energy field, followed by an actual massage provided by the singing bowls. Benefits can include: relief from physical stress and tension in the body and mind (yes, mental tension exists!), deep state of relaxation, rejuvenating sleep, spike in creativity and intuition, spiritual connection, and the list goes on!

Cost is $35 and attendance is limited to 12 people.

Serious discounts for private Sonic Massage Sessions for anyone who attends. Contact Mo or Dev directly for more details.