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Health Class 2019

Remember enduring those old static-filled movies they made us watch in Health Class? Yeah, well this won't be like that. In this class you will be able to access your body’s natural healing process through profoundly supported means of sound, meditation, yoga and turmeric tea.

This Health Class is about alignment of your mind, body and soul. It’s about awakening your energetic life force and manifesting strength and suppleness in your body. It’s about commitment to your Self. It's about becoming truly present on a Friday night. Health Class 2019 is for anyone who can breathe, but especially for those who want to prioritize their health.

In our 90 minutes:

Through a guided meditation we will begin by bringing ourselves into the present moment. Tim Dewitt will be providing us the sound backdrop with his crystal bowls, crystal harp, Tibetan singing bowls & gong for aligning our vibrations and arriving mentally to the current moment – all we have.

Through an accessible yoga flow we will cultivate prana and elevate our mind-body connection with the moving meditation of Vinyasa. At the end of our evening, we will also nourish our bodies with turmeric tea (including a recipe) and learn more about this formula for healing inflammation in the body.

Throughout a lengthy 15-minute Savasana using all the bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets to create a restful shape honoring where each individual body is and needs to be, we will be serenaded by an all girl A Capella group – Viva Voce. We will integrate our tangible minds and bodies to access permanence in our soul.

$21 each. Space limited.

Earlier Event: March 27
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