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YOUniversal Flow

YOUniversalFLOW Dance encourages you to embody YOUR flow.
What is resistance? It is simply pushing against the Universal Flow. Spirit, Synchronicity, God, Brahman, Gut feeling, Intuition, call it what you wish, but you are intimately connected to this Divine wisdom. As we embrace our unique flow, we are met with less resistance and invite in more ease to body, mind, and soul. The Ecstatically Awakening Woman emerges into greater expansion!

Join Sara Catlett, and other women, into the magical journey of free flowing ecstatic dance to get out of the head and into the heart allowing the body to move freely and release what is inside. Through breath and guidance, we’ll explore movement as medicine and the body as an instrument of expression. You will be lead with intuitive guidance through a slow, moving meditation and as the energy rises, movement will begin to unfold fluidly from within as you find your own rhythms of authenticity and dance. Ease back into slow movement as you prepare the body for 10/15 minutes of restorative yoga and guided meditation.

Sara’s intention is to have fun and be playful, while still embracing the work of releasing stagnation and limitations. Through the freedom to express, we transcend into the ability to love more freely and connect more deeply. This is a safe space to be as you are, move as you wish, and embrace your feminine essence, leaving judgments and expectations behind.

*Come as you are. As long as you have an open mind and heart you are welcome!
**currency exchange: class card or $15 Drop in

Love is expansive. Fear is contracting. Those are words to live by.

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