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Quantum Languaging Workshop

We have to power to create our reality. We hear this all the time. So how? How can we tap into the manifesting potential that each of us have?

One way is through Quantum Languaging.

As humans, we manifest 95% from our subconscious. When we speak, the words that we use reveal our subconscious belief system; whether or not we are in scarcity consciousness, fear consciousness, unity consciousness, etc. Therefore, the quickest and most effective way to change our subconscious is through the conscious application of language.

Quantum Languaging is the concept that each word holds a specific vibration. When we carefully tune into the specific language we use, this new vibration changes our underlying belief system, helping us begin to see changes in our external reality.

In this workshop, we will discuss the concept of manifesting, a list of words that it would behoove you to leave out of your vocabulary and languaging hacks to avoid languaging that holds the vibrations of limit, scarcity, and doubt.

We will also discuss the Arc Line and perform a meditation that gives us the power of Conscious Communication.

Cost: $25
Bring a water bottle, notebook, pen and anything to make yourself completely comfortable.

Earlier Event: February 23
Lil Yogis
Later Event: February 27
EsSCENTually You