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Yoga for a Healthy Pelvic Floor and Lymphatic System

Join Jennifer Miller, licensed doctor of physical therapy and certified lymphedema and women’s health specialist to learn basic anatomy and exercise related to the pelvic floor and the lymphatic system. This two hour workshop will include guided meditation, specific yoga postures as well as breathing and self-massage techniques to teach you to improve coordination and control of the pelvic floor muscles and stimulate the lymphatic system.

A healthy pelvic floor provides support to abdominal and pelvic organs for proper regulation of bodily functions. But did you know that a healthy pelvic floor must not only be strong, but also flexible and well-coordinated?
Little attention is paid to the lymphatic system until an imbalance occurs that upsets fluid regulation or the immune system. But did you know that you can productively stimulate your lymphatic system through exercise and breathing?
Deep lymphatics within the trunk benefit from a strong, flexible and coordinated core and pelvic floor for optimal support. With specific awareness and concentrated effort we are able to stimulate, engage and improve the function of both of these different, but related body systems in our yoga practice.

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Earlier Event: March 31
Later Event: April 13
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