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The Function of Food

Free radicals, insulin, dopamine, antioxidants, prefrontal cortex… all sounds like something
that belongs in a textbook! As you progress through your health and wellness journey gaining
an understanding of these things may be the most valuable information you can get your hands
on! When it comes to maintaining a life free of disease and filled with health and happiness
knowledge is power!
Come join us as we dig deep into our nutrition and how it works within our brains and bodies in
a super easy to follow and understand format! I promise you will not be bored and you will walk
away with a full understanding of the WHY behind how our food choices directly impact our
health and wellness!
Once you know the WHY behind how insulin and cortisol work with the foods we eat you can
empathize more with why that kiddo of yours has an increase in behavior problems after a
sugary breakfast and you can make food choices that will help maintain a healthy blood sugar
level which in turn will help maintain better behavior and attention.
Once you know the WHY behind how antioxidants can combat cancer causing free radicals you
can more easily make choices that will add color to your plates and support your health!
Once you know the WHY behind that fat that builds up around your middle and won’t seem to
budge you can make choices that will help you detoxify and release it!
Once you know the WHY behind how sugar and dopamine work within your brain you can be
more mindful about not letting your survival brain make your food choices for you and engaging
that prefrontal cortex which is the difference between maintaining a nutrient dense diet and not!
Once you know the WHY all of your choices around the foods you choose to fuel your body with
become almost effortless and your wellness journey can really flourish!
Come discover WHY!!!
with Tena Frank
Health and Wellness Coach

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