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Experience Ayurvedic Thai Yoga with Maureen Hughes

What’s YOUR Type? AND Experience Ayurvedic Thai Yoga with Maureen Hughes
Please join Maureen Hughes, PhD, LMT, CATP, CTT for a powerful dual workshop to help you determine your Ayurvedic Prakruti and understand how to manage imbalances, as well as a small demonstration of Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Therapy.

Ayurvedic Practices have been in place for around 5000 years. The believe that “Food is thy Medicine, and Proper food is necessary for Medicine to work” are fundamental to this “Science of Life”. We will learn about the doshas that make up our Prakruti, our innate constitution, and how balances manifest. We will also take a quiz to determine your doshas, and you will receive a list of foods congruent with balancing difficulties that arise with each Dosha Type. This list came from the same Ayurveda Center where she experienced PanchaKarma Detoxification on three separate occasions.

Maureen will be demonstrating a session of Ayurvedic Thai Yoga based off of a 1000 year old healing treatment regimen practiced to this day in Thailand, done fully clothed on a comfortable mat, or on a table. This "Southern" style or Royal Method of Thai Yoga Therapy is performed on royalty, but is suitable for anyone of any age. It includes stretching, compression, and the working of energy lines to open the body, relieve stress and tension, and create an overall sense of joy, peace, and well-being



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