Men On the Mat Series: Meet Corey Axelson

In honor of Father's Day being in June, we decided it was high time we celebrate the men who join us on the mat. It is interesting that yoga, once a practice exclusively for men, is now — at least in the U.S. — dominated mainly by women and many men feel that yoga is not for them because…

~I’m not flexible enough ~It’s not challenging enough ~I know how to breathe ~I want to get stronger, etc.

While we know we can dispel these myths and/or prove them wrong, we felt it would be better to let our guys speak for themselves. And because we know that representation matters, we would like to represent some of the men who have stepped outside of their own comfort zones to try something new and found a home here at Blue Sky Yoga. Maybe, our guys will help convince the men in your life to check out a yoga class or two with you!

Corey is always good for a smile and a positive look to any day. He’s also up for anything! One time he came to a Yoga Nidra class not even knowing what it was, but just saw there was a class and at a time he could show up, so he said, “okay, let’s try this out.” He says savasana is his favorite pose, so we’re just going to assume he loved it!

  1. How did you discover Blue Sky Yoga?

    I googled yoga studios near me, and it was the second place I tried.

  2. How long have you been doing yoga? What brought you to the practice?

    Almost a year!  I started late July and I've tried to come to class consistently since.

    (Corey, did you know that as of this publication, you have attended 173.25 hours of yoga since you started with us on July 24th 2018? )

  3. If you were a yoga pose what would you be and why?

    A handstand/Adho Mukha Vrksasana, because for whatever reason, that's become my "goal" pose to work towards.

    (And didn’t I just see you doing one on Monday?)

  4. What is your FAVORITE asana?

    Savasana - it always feels good to relax after a class and just sink into my mat.

  5. What are some changes that you have noticed in yourself as you've continued on your yoga journey (mind/body/spirit)?

    My mind is a lot more calm, and I enjoy getting on my mat and just being in the moment.

  6. What would you say to someone who is scared to try yoga or who doesn't think yoga is for them?

    There are classes for everyone, from a basic's class to an advanced vinyasa, it's all just yoga and everyone's just coming to improve themselves.

  7. Describe an interesting fact about yourself. The weirder the better (something other than yoga).

    I used to play chess competitively.

  8. When you are not on your mat, what other things do you do to occupy your time?

    I just got a promotion at work - I'm starting to manage the Ebar at Nordstrom, and there's so much to learn and delve into; I’m taking that one day at a time.

  9. Anything else?

    Everyone's just trying to better themselves, and there shouldn't be any pressure to be any better than anyone else, just try and be better than who you were yesterday.